Nicholas Resendez

Nicholas Resendez is an American security researcher, Internet programmer, and Internet entrepreneur. He has provided security research services to Apple Inc, MicrosoftAT&T, U.S Department of Defense, and more. Nicholas is the Founder of GrindezuALREADY.
Nicholas graduated from University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in 2019 with a Bachelor's degrees in Information Technology Management and Marketing.  At the age of 18, he completed the Wisconsin Real Estate course and currently holds a Wisconsin Real Estate License.
Recently, Nicholas was nominated and voted Contributor of Year in Advertising and Entrepreneurship through HackerNoon Noonies 2020.



















Security Research Publications 







Personal Coding Projects


    • Data driven approach to cryptocurrency speculation with Python REST API
    • TLE is a simple time lock contract where funds ETHER (( ETH )) committed to the contract will be locked for the specified period of time which, once elapse, can be withdrawn again.
    Get Tweet Replies With Python Tweepy
    • Extract Replies to a Specific Tweet using Python and Tweepy - Scrape Any Tweet Reply

    Milwaukee Dispatched Calls for Service

    • Visualized dispatch calls scrapped from MPD website using Google Sheets & MapaList
    • Attempting to predict Bitcoin price in the future using LSTM.
    Collapsable Headings in Wordpress
    • An easy way to work with collapsable headings without using plugins.
    • In dedication to my first day of business school I have launched WisconsinCoin, an ERC20 Ethereum token with a fixed supply of 5,790,000 coins (Wisconsin Population) The WISCO token test contract is deployed to 0x944c822831334ee051b9e5dc86dc764bb6f7b878
    Memeify Android Meme Generator
    • Memeify lets you create your own memes. Add your own live images to create custom memes free of water marks.
    Android Studio Fortune Teller
    • Take a deep breath, concentrate on your question and click on the fortune teller button to receive your answer. For best results, don't repeat the same question over and over.

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